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QR Code Options

Introduction to QR Code options relevant to generating QR Code AI Art.

Internally we use a library called QR Code Styling that is available on their website and also as npm package. This package offers all the standard QR Code settings plus a wide range of visual customizations.

QR Code styling library
QR Code styling library

Available Options implemented in QR Diffusion:


Beginner level allows setting only dots option.

- Dots Options

Dots Options
Dots Options

Dots are the actual data points, here you can choose between various shapes of the data points.


Advanced level allows setting for all other available styling settings.

- Corner Square Options

Corner Square Options
Corner Square Options

- Corner Dots Options

Corner Dots Options
Corner Dots Options


Expert option allows setting Error Correction.

- Error Correction ( "L" | "M" | "Q" | "H" )

Standard Error Correction levels are "L" - Low, "M" - Medium, "Q" - Quartile and "H" - High.

QR Code error corrrection level examples
Error Correction Levels. Left to right: L, M, Q,H

Lower Error Correction means, that there are less data points, so if a data point is not readable, the scanning fails.

It is recommended to use "H" high error correction, which ensures that there is enough data points in the QR code, so even if 30% are not readable, the code still scans correctly.