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Introduction to QR Code AI Art

Welcome to the QR Diffusion documentation!

What is QR Diffusion?

QR Diffusion is a web app that allows users to generate QR codes using generative AI technology. It enables users to customize the appearance of QR codes by adding artistic elements and features to make them visually appealing.

Main Features

Some of QR Diffusion features include:

How to Use These Docs

On the left side of the screen, you'll find the docs navigation. The pages of the docs are organized sequentially, from basic to advanced, so you can follow them step-by-step when learning about QR Code AI generation. However, you can read them in any order or skip to the pages that apply to your use case.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Although our docs are designed to be beginner-friendly, we need to establish a baseline so that the docs can stay focused on QR Diffusion functionality. We'll make sure to provide links to relevant documentation whenever we introduce a new concept.