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Start generating QR's for free, then add a plan to go live.
Account plans unlock better performance server and additional features.

LiteQR Diffusion Lite

  • Limited QR options
  • Low queue priority
  • Mid range GPU
  • Restrictive API rate limits



Billed Yearly as $132

ProQR Diffusion Pro

  • All of the Lite features
  • Full QR options
  • Normal queue priority
  • Fast GPU
  • High API rate limit
  • Early access to new features
  • Pro templates



Billed Yearly as $156

UltimateQR Diffusion Ultimate

  • All of the Pro features
  • VIP queue priority
  • High performance GPU
  • Very high API rate Limit
  • NFT Minting (expected Q4/2023)



Billed Yearly as $468

VIP ServiceOur team will create a bespoke QR code on your demand. $999


Remy Sharp

"QR Diffusion is an excellent QR code generator that has helped me create custom codes for my business. The software is user-friendly and efficient."

Sraldo Mandolini

"This is the bomb! This tool has helped me create some of the coolest QR codes I've ever seen. The interface is super easy to use, and the features are out of this world."

Sergej Stokurev
Remy Sharp

"They have made creating custom codes so much fun. I love how easy it is to use, and the features spot on."

Franz Furtmustahl

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Refund Guarantee Badge

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