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Meet Founders of QR Diffusion Discuss Their Innovative Artistic QR Code Generator

Date: 2023-11-03


Founders of QR Diffusion Ales and Karolina

Hello! We are Ales and Karolina, co-founders of QR Diffusion. It was a delight to partake in an interview with Chris from Generative Courier where we could share insights about our vision and the drive behind our initiative to create a platform for generating Artistic QR Codes.

Check out the full interview and Chris's take on us here to see how others view our work as well. :)

QR Diffusion's user-friendly artistic QR code generator interface with custom design options.
QR Code Art Generator: Create Customized QR Codes Tailored to Your Needs

Chris: Hi there, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what inspired you to create QR diffusion?

Karolina: We are a small team. Ales focuses on the technical side while I manage the marketing, admin, and everything else. However, when needed, we cooperate with an external team because we want to make our tool the most user-friendly and produce great results. That’s why we can’t handle everything by ourselves.

The idea for the QR Generator came to life when we realized the full potential of how artistic QR codes can be used to catch attention. While we worked on the models, prompts, and all the details that impact the final results, we decided we couldn’t keep it just to ourselves.

Chris: Can you elaborate on the technical aspects of QR diffusion, such as the specific algorithms and techniques used?

Ales: We use the Stable Diffusion and ControlNet models, on top of which we have built the website UI. We allow users to access all the Stable Diffusion and ControlNet options in Expert mode, while making it as straightforward as possible in Beginner mode. In Beginner mode, all you need to do is pick a template, click the edit button, and insert your URL address.

We’ve integrated an outpaint option, which is currently undergoing improvements. However, even now, it doesn’t restrict you from customizing your QR Code to any size. We also plan to introduce custom models, such as image-to-image, for branded QR codes. Additionally, we’re developing a rating tool that helps evaluate how well the QR Code artwork is read on various devices, among other features.

Chris: Can you describe your journey into the world of computer science and artificial intelligence?

Ales: I have founded several startups, and generative AI caught his attention a year ago when Stable Diffusion was released. Immediately I was hooked

Karolina: In the past, I worked with companies primarily in the IT segment and was in touch daily with developers’ needs and topics that were buzzing in the community, so as you can imagine last year, AI was around me daily!

Creating artistic QR codes with AI? I’ve seen the variety of potential marketing uses, which I discuss with people often these days!

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Chris: What are some of the challenges you faced in developing QR diffusion?

Ales: Nothing major; it’s just a pleasure for us to learn something new and exciting. The scannability of QR codes can sometimes be an issue, so we are working on a tool that would rate and rank how well a particular QR code scans and reads data. However, let’s remember that a few years ago, many Android phones had problems reading ordinary QR codes without a QR reader. So, we believe that even reading complicated QR codes is only a matter of time

Chris: What are QR diffusion plans for future development and expansion?

Karolina: As we mentioned, we plan to introduce a branded image-to-image QR tool. Users can upload an existing logo, and we will transform it into a readable QR code. Alternatively, they can upload existing graphic material, and we will embed the QR code into their design. We are also working on new models to improve the scannability of QR codes. Related to that, our main focus is to provide a wide range of prepared templates to make the creation process fun for everyone.

Chris: What are the key factors that contribute to the efficiency and performance of QR diffusion?

Ales: We use the latest nVidia graphics in the backend, so each QR code takes only a couple of seconds to generate. We’ve observed an increasing demand, but our partner has far more graphic power than we could ever utilize. The system is built on a scalable endpoint architecture; thus, in the face of high demand, we can always ensure that performance stays consistent.

Chris: What are some potential applications of QR diffusion in various fields?

AlesThe future will show us! I remember the first time I saw a QR code; I wasn’t impressed and couldn’t envision many use cases, but now you can see them everywhere. Only time will tell how they will evolve and how the market will adapt to them.

Karolina: I agree. Did you mention where we can now see them everywhere? In the latest Forbes issue I read, there were many ordinary QR codes leading to the webpages of the companies they featured. You can learn how to use artistic QR codes in my article, which showcases a wide range from restaurant menus to various marketing purposes that catch the eyes of customers.

Chris: Thanks for being with me, any last words? Where can our readers follow you?

Ales: Thanks for your questions. You can follow us on the usual social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Karolina manages all of them. However, the best approach would be to try it out for yourself. It’s free after a quick registration with your email, and you only need to pay if you’re creating a lot of QR codes. So, we hope to see you on QR!

Karolina: Thank you, Chris, for the interview. I encourage you to give it a whirl yourself. We’re continuously adding fun and user-friendly templates. In fact, with our beginner mode, you could even teach your grandma to whip up a QR code for her homemade jam website in no time!

Thanks to Chris from Generative Courier for initiating this interview – we're grateful for a process that was enjoyable for us both.

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